Mr. James Sadler genuinely wants to help his clients navigate through the legal process with the least amount of a headache as possible. I chose Mr. Sadler as my attorney due to his level headed demeanor.

Sadler is prepared to take your divorce through mediation, litigation or collaborative divorce processes depending on each individual case.

He’s experienced but not a “shark” and can definitely handle a narcissistic person. He believes divorces can be handled in a civil manner and doesn’t try to rile you up to attack your soon to be ex-spouse.

Take lawyer ratings with a grain of salt when there is a non-client, bitter, soon to be ex-reviewing the attorney. There is a reason why people don’t like their spouses attorneys and it’s usually bc they aren’t getting their way.

People going through a divorce are not happy. The rating of their lawyer may have more to do with them, than it does with their lawyer. Especially when they are a spouse of his client!

Interview him and take him up on his consultation and you’ll see why!