High-Net-Worth Divorce

Divorce, even when amicable, can be quite complicated. For the high-net-worth couple, complicated legal and financial issues are always present. The accumulation of assets before and after the date of marriage can make the legal characterization of assets a complex endeavor. At Sadler Family Law, we have the knowledge and legal experience to guide you through a process with many complicated nuances. Our priority is preserving your wealth for your future, while helping you end your marriage with as little unnecessary conflict as possible.

How We Help with Texas High-Net-Worth Divorce

At Sadler Family Law, we are skilled negotiators who work to help our clients understand the extent and value of the marital estate so that they have the knowledge they need to make informed settlement decisions. Attorney James P. Sadler has concentrated his practice primarily in the area of Texas family law, with particular attention to the issues relevant to high net worth divorce.

We maintain relationships with the respected financial professionals whose involvement may be required in these cases. Such professionals may include forensic accountants, business valuation experts, tax professionals, and certified divorce financial analysts.

The vast majority of Texas divorces do settle at some point in the process before a trial becomes necessary. However, high net worth divorces are more complex than the average divorce, and will typically take longer to to settle by agreement, or reach a resolution by order of the court. It is essential to have an attorney on your side who can advocate effectively at the negotiation table and in the courtroom. It has been our clear experience that legal knowledge and intense preparation are not only necessary, but are indispensable skills at the negotiation table and in the court room.

Issues in High-Net-Worth Divorce Cases

All divorces involve the distribution of marital property, and many involve the determination of child support and spousal maintenance (alimony). However, high net worth divorce cases often include additional factors that can complicate and extend the divorce process. These include:

  • Valuation of business assets
  • Preservation of inheritances and family wealth
  • Executive compensation and retirement plans
  • Identification and valuation of all income streams
  • Classification of certain assets as income or property
  • Disputes over the validity of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement
  • Valuation of complex or unique assets
  • Real estate and other assets in located multiple states or countries
  • Tax issues
  • Deviation from Child Support Guidelines

If your divorce case involves high-net-worth asset issues, you need the representation of an experienced divorce litigator. Your investment in your lawyer is no less than an investment in your financial future and well-being.

At Sadler Family Law, we know that achieving the best possible result in your divorce is a priority. We also believe that you deserve a divorce process with as little unnecessary stress as possible. We are committed to providing responsive personal service, answering your questions, and empowering you with the resources you need to confidently move forward with your life after divorce.

Family law attorney James P. Sadler represents people involved in divorces, child custody disputes, and other family law matters in San Angelo and throughout West Texas. He advocates for his clients’ rights and interests both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. We invite you to contact Sadler Family Law online or at (325) 227-6738 to schedule a confidential office consultation.