Regardless of whether it is you or your spouse who wants to end your marriage, or you have made a mutual decision to part ways, divorce is never easy. When you married, you had a vision of what your future together would be like. Divorce means that y… Read More

High-Net-Worth Divorce

Divorce, even when amicable, can be quite complicated. For the high-net-worth couple, complicated legal and financial issues are always present. The accumulation of assets before and after the date of marriage can make the legal characterization of a… Read More

Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody disputes are generally one of the most contentious areas of family law. For both parents, the question of custody and possession (visitation) of their children is usually paramount. Parents are typically willing to do anything to obtain… Read More

Child Support

The obligation to provide for a child should mean a great deal to both parents. In a divorce or in a situation where the parents live in separate households, finances are always a concern. If you expect to pay child support, you might be worried abou… Read More

Enforcement & Modification of Orders

Court orders are meant to be complied with by both parties, but sometimes circumstances change that require a modification of the order or a request to the court that the order be enforced. Orders in a case are not written in stone. They can be, and… Read More

CPS Representation

Parenting is hard work, even under the best of circumstances. It becomes much harder when someone has contacted Child Protection Services (CPS) regarding your family and you are suddenly under investigation. It may feel like your every action and dec… Read More