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All divorces require the division of marital property and debts acquired by the parties during the marriage.  This task is sometimes simple when the parties have limited assets and debts; however, in most instances, the characterization of property and the division of those assets and debts is of vital importance in creating a new and separate financial relationship between the divorcing spouses.


Generally, assets and debts acquired prior to the date of marriage are considered separate property and are not subject to division in a divorce proceeding.  However, a spouse may have claims for reimbursement of the affected spouse or the community estate itself if funds were expended to pay down separate property debt or improve separate property assets.


Attorney James P. Sadler has the knowledge and skill necessary to protect your interests and make sure that the community or separate character of the property involved in your case is properly identified, accurately valued, and based on an accurate and complete inventory of assets, debts and income


To find out more about property division, property characterization and value, reimbursement claims and the knowledgeable representation we provide in such matters, please contact us at (325) 227-6738 for a confidential office consultation.

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