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Texas parentage cases entail much more than just determining the paternity of a child through genetic testing. They also provide a forum for the father of a child born outside of marriage to obtain legal recognition as a parent of that child and protection of his rights as a parent. If you need advice on either side of a Texas paternity action, contact the family law attorneys at the Law Office of James P. Sadler.


Often, one parent’s need to obtain child support is the factor that triggers a parentage case. A parent’s right to visitation with and access to a child is not, however, contingent upon the payment of child support. Every parent has the right to seek a meaningful voice in the most important decisions affecting the child’s current welfare and future prospects.


We can advise fathers and mothers about their respective options and the immediate and long-term consequences of their decisions. We can also help unmarried parents achieve their goals across a range of circumstances:


  • Child support and conservatorship issues that arise after the relationship between unmarried parents comes to an end

  • Child support and conservatorship issues that arise when unmarried parents have never lived together

  • Paternity issues when the mother was married to a different man at the time of birth

  • Modification or enforcement of child support

  • Modification or enforcement of custody arrangements between unmarried parents

  • Termination of one’s parental rights as required by the child’s best interests

  • Parentage, paternity and support enforcement cases that cross state lines or international borders

  • Fathers’ rights disputes between a biological father and the mother’s family after the death or incapacity of the mother



Many unmarried fathers find, even years after the establishment of a child support obligation, that they and their children both stand to benefit from the legal recognition and protection of their relationships. Fathers often discover that their access to their children is vulnerable to arbitrary restrictions or manipulation on the part of the mother, especially after the relationship between the parents comes to an end.


To find out more about paternity and parental rights, please contact us at (325) 227-6738 for a confidential office consultation.

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