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Attorney James P. Sadler provides an aggressive defense for those charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI).


Representation in DWI matters often includes representation of our clients before the Administrative Law Court that will decide whether to suspend a person’s license.  A successful defense in the Administrative Law Court will keep your license from being suspended.  Even if unsuccessful in the Administrative Law Court, such representation gives us the opportunity to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the state's case against you which is very helpful in an aggressive defense to the state's DWI charge.  If your license is suspended, we can file to secure an occupational license for you which will allow you to drive for up to twelve hours per day.


Representation always includes a diligent and comprehensive review of the state's evidence against you.  Including whether or not your constitutional rights have been violated.  The state must have a reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle.  The state must also have probable cause to arrest you.  An experienced attorney can analyze reports, video, testimony and other evidence to help ensure that your constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure have not been violated. 

If a client elects to have a DWI trial, we will zealously represent you at trial, aggressively cross examine the arresting officer and help you make the decision whether to testify on your own behalf.  If you elect not to go to trial, we will negotiate the best possible plea agreement given the facts of the case.


It is vital that you seek legal counsel immediately following an arrest.  Do not wait!  To find out more about Attorney James P. Sadler's representation in DWI cases, call our office at (325) 227-6738 for a confidential consultation.  


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