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Attorney James P. Sadler understands that domestic violence cases can be complicated.  The story told by the evidence can often be described very differently by lawyers and experts.  Domestic Violence involves any chronic threat, physical force or violence between spouses, domestic partners or significant others in a way that injures or endangers that person. This could include behaviors such as hitting, grabbing, choking, throwing things and assault with a weapon. Sometimes, it could include sexual or unwanted touching by one partner to the other.


Domestic Violence charges can lead to much more serious charges such as Assault, Rape and other sexual charges. A pattern of undefended Domestic Violence charges can lead to convictions and other personal consequences such as loss of child custody and employment.  As with other violent crimes, conviction on these charges usually involves prison time.


Do not make a statement to any law enforcement officer before you have spoken to a lawyer who can protect you and your rights. An attorney can also discuss with you the advisability of continuing to associate with your domestic partner, spouse or girlfriend. In some cases, continuing this situation creates a serious risk.


If you have been accused or charged with a domestic violence crime, seek the advice of counsel immediately!  To find out more about Attorney James P. Sadler's representation in domestic violence cases, call our office at (325) 227-6738 for a confidential consultation. 

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