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Divorce decrees and family court orders are not carved in stone, and they do not enforce themselves when they happen to go into default. If a substantial change in circumstances has occurred and you need to revisit the terms of a child support order or visitation arrangement, or if you need advice about the best ways to deal with violations of family court obligations, contact family law attorney James P. Sadler.


Texas family law recognizes that many of the arrangements concluded in a divorce might need to be revisited when a job loss, an illness or a child’s special needs require that a child support amount or visitation schedule needs to be changed. Our child custody or support modification lawyers can tell you whether the new circumstances in your case are likely to justify adjustments to an order currently in effect. We can also let you know whether your opposition to a proposed modification will get any traction with the court.


Additionally, our lawyers can also advise you about the considerations at stake when a divorced parent, particularly the one with primary residential custody, proposes relocating with the child to a distant city, another state or a foreign country.


If you need legal advice on either side of a family law enforcement problem, we can help you understand your options for achieving compliance with an arrangement essential to the interests of your children or yourself. We can also show you how to develop and present realistic plans for curing defaults while protecting you from the worst consequences of a default, which can include jail time for contempt of court.


Learn more about the ways experienced and focused family lawyers can help expand your options toward positive outcomes through our understanding of Texas law and family court procedures. 


To find out more about decree modification and/or enforcement and your rights as a parent or and/or former spouse, please contact us at (325) 227-6738 for a confidential office consultation.

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