If you are being investigated, charged or prosecuted by state or federal law enforcement authorities, Criminal Law Attorney James 
P. Sadler will handle all aspects of your case from investigation through trial and appeal.  At the Law Office of James P. Sadler, you 
will always be treated in a caring, professional and nonjudgmental manner.

San Angelo Criminal Law Attorney James P. Sadler defends persons charged by the State of Texas and The U.S. Government with 
misdemeanor and felony crimes including, but not limited to, DWI, domestic violence, theft, robbery, assault, battery, juvenile 
offenses, drug possession, fraud, white collar crimes, conspiracy and engaging in organized criminal activity and probation 

Remember!  Take action immediately if you are facing prosecution for a crime. The first step is to contact the San Angelo Law 
Criminal Law Attorney James P. Sadler to schedule a confidential consultation.

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