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San Angelo Business Law Attorney James P. Sadler has represented business owners and real property owners and operators, 
large and small.  As an experienced lawyer, James P. Sadler has the knowledge and skills required to properly assess the legal risks 
inherent in business and real estate matters, and adversarial situations that affect your interests.  With an attention to detail, San 
Angelo Business Law Attorney James P. Sadler will negotiate and draft your business documents to best protect your interests and 
achieve your goals.  Rest assured that the The Law office of Attorney James P. Sadler will take the necessary action to protect your 
interests, now and in the future.

The Law Office of Attorney James P. Sadler, offers a broad range of legal services to assist you with your business and real estate 
needs, such as:

●Business Entity Formation
●Preparing and Negotiating Business Operating Agreements
●Preparing and Negotiating Real Property Purchase and Sale Agreements
●Business and Real Property Ancillary Agreements
●Due Diligence Review (title, survey and entitlements)
●Leasing and Landlord/Tenant Matters
●Title and Boundary Disputes
●Development and Entitlement Assessment and Counsel
●Loan Document Preparation and Negotiation (loans for acquisition, construction, interim or bridge financing, and permanent financing)
●Business Litigation - taking legal action to protect your interests

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