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Immediate consultation with an experienced attorney is vital if you have been accused or charged with an assaultive crime.  Assault is the attempt or threat to do physical harm to another person. Battery occurs when there is actual physical contact between the attacker and the victim, though many states no longer differentiate between these two terms.  Although assault usually involves one person striking another, merely acting in a threatening manner or instilling fear in another person can be considered an assault.


Violent crimes are taken very seriously and typically involve prison terms and high bail amounts.  The stakes are higher in violent crimes than in almost any other type of criminal charges.  One of the keys to a successful defense is a thorough pre-trial investigation.  Effective investigation can uncover exculpatory evidence and police and prosecution errors.  Uncovering this important evidence can be the difference between your guilt and innocence in the courtroom.


If you have been accused or charged with an assaultive crime, seek the advice of counsel immediately!  To find out more about Attorney James P. Sadler's representation in assault cases, call our office at (325) 227-6738 for a confidential consultation. 

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